Our fully automated polyelectrolyte treatment systems are suitable both for granulated material and liquid concentrates. An optimal preparation of the selected solution and a high degree of system efficiency ensure substantially reduced consumption of polymers and solution water.

Depending on model, our systems deliver ready-to-use solution at a throughput of between 250 and 16,000 liters/hour. All systems are designed for a maturation time that is optimal with respect to the products used.

Drinking water need not be used as process water. Our systems work with industrial water (free from suspended matter) at a pressure of at least 3 bar. All systems are fully wired, piped and tested using water.

We also deliver “turnkey” products (with control mechanisms, sensors, pumps etc.) upon request. Our special provisions are precisely tailored to the requirements of our clients.

You can find out more about our different systems from our model descriptions.