Safe, clean and precise.

EURODOS storage tanks make handling precipitants safer, more accurate and more convenient.

Storage tank with dosing station

Our Eurodos specialists also take care of assembly, even in wind and bad weather. A case study from beautiful Hallertau.

Richard Steiner, the manager of the Middle Ilm Valley Wastewater Association in Königsfeld, finally has exactly the precipitant dosing equipment that he wished for. Dosing from IBC containers has come to an end – and rightly so, because it was neither as safe nor as accurate as required.

However, the 10,000 PE treatment plant now has a dosing unit with the latest technology. The centrepiece is a double-walled PE storage tank with a capacity of ten cubic metres, a mechanical cable pull level indicator and a manual siphoning system (consisting of a siphon and a lifter protector solenoid valve).

Accurate to the millilitre

Filling and discharge lines, as well as advanced metering technology, installed in a weatherproof cabinet, complete the system. Two individual dosing pumps exactly adjusted to millimetres ensure accurate, automated dosing.

For added peace of mind, in addition to the double wall construction, there is overfill protection and a leakage probe with a signalling device. In addition, the tank has individual approval for checking the water against legal standards according to certified testing laboratories (DEKRA, TÜV, etc.) on site.

Comes highly recommended

The project was implemented by VTA subsidiary Eurodos. “Several colleagues from adjacent sewage treatment plants recommended Eurodos to me,” said Richard Steiner. Other deciding factors were the excellent price-performance ratio and not least the excellent long-term cooperation between the organisation and VTA.

Installation and start-up also went smoothly: miserable weather could not stop the Eurodos fitters from installing the tank at the agreed time on the foundations that had been installed by the sewage treatment team on their own.

Field report from the VTA Group’s scientific journal “Laubfrosch”, issue 73
Richard Steiner
Manager of the Middle Ilm Valley Wastewater Association

“Eurodos planned, installed and commissioned the system in an extremely professional and rigorous manner.”