Safety made to measure

Substances hazardous to water must be stored safely. EURODOS provides a tailor-made solution for every wastewater treatment plant.

Eurodos dosing container from inside

To meet the local conditions on site, Eurodos constructed a plant-specific and accessible dosing container.

For more than 20 years now, the treatment plant run by the municipality of Stephansposching in the Lower Bavarian district of Deggendorf has been reliably treating the wastewater produced by 21 communities. With two exceptions, all of these communities are connected by pressure pipes, and consequently the staff have to manage 17 pumping stations.

When the 4000 PE plant was then optimised in terms of safety, the people there decided to install a dosing container for the precipitant in use. After all, regulations* stipulate that transport containers such as canisters, drums and IBCs (intermediate bulk containers) must be stored in accordance with the law.

Compact hazardous materials warehouse

To meet these requirements and the local conditions on site, EURODOS – a company in the VTA Group – constructed a plant-specific dosing container for Stephansposching. More precisely: a compact, walk-in hazardous materials warehouse with enough space for the installation of six IBCs.

The closed design of the container is in accordance with DIN EN1090-2 (execution class EXC2). The walls and roof are made of galvanised, corrosion-resistant sheet metal with a high-quality two-component exterior coating and additional insulation (40 mm of mineral, non-combustible thermal insulation / building material class A).

To increase resistance to aggressive media, an additional insert pan made of polyethylene (PE-HD) with a wall thickness of 6 mm was installed in the integrated collecting tray made of hot-dip galvanised 5 mm steel. A specific test report certifies successful leak testing in accordance with EN ISO 3452-1.

Convenient access

The low threshold height of just 150 mm allows easy access. The storage spaces consist of galvanised, removable grating supports and can be accessed with a pallet truck (mesh size 22 x 11 mm). To ensure proper dosing of the precipitant, EURODOS installed a dosing plate with two dosing pumps for two independent dosing points.

Fully assembled, ready to use

The container is fully assembled for immediate use at an installation site prepared by the customer. Standard lifting brackets enable safe transport to the installation site. The container is also prepared for anchoring in the ground and for connection of potential equalisation. With this tailor-made EURODOS dosing container, safe storage is guaranteed at all times.

* Germany: Federal Water Act (WHG) and ordinance on installations handling materials hazardous to water (VAwS); Austria: Water Rights Act (WRG)

Field report from the VTA Group’s scientific journal “Laubfrosch”, issue 72