Things getting tight?

No problem with Eurodos. The solution is a fully automated 2KP system that is divided on two levels.

Eurodos Eurofloc 2K system

Mixing tank on the ground floor, dosing system in the cellar: polymer systems from Eurodos are optimally adapted to the space available on site.

RHV Trattnachtal, an association of 13 municipalities in Upper Austria, operates a central sewage treatment plant in Wallern with a capacity of 70,000 PE. The plant, built in 1979, had been upgraded several times to the latest technological standards; however, sludge treatment still originated from the “early days”. It was therefore time to replace the existing chamber filter press.

Those responsible finally decided in favour of a technologically new sludge thickening process, membrane ultrafiltration (incidentally, the first in a sewage treatment/biogas plant in Austria). In addition, a conventional centrifuge was used as the new dewatering system. Integrating all of this into the existing premises while also retaining the old chamber filter press was a particular challenge.

In addition, the new centrifuge requires a high-performance polymer system – twice the size of the previous one and in an extremely confined space. The VTA subsidiary Eurodos was the only supplier willing and able to adapt a tower system exactly to the conditions on site.

The result is a fully automated two-chamber tower system (2KT4000), which was divided into two levels: The polymer solution is mixed and matured on the ground floor. A pump takes the polymer quantity required for the dewatering operation from the dosing tank in the basement.

“Operation is absolutely faultless and trouble-free,” confirms Managing Director DI Harald Bala, MSc. At present, 100% solid polymer from VTA is used (9.5 kg/t TR with a dewatering result of more than 30% dry residue).

Field report from the VTA Group’s scientific journal “Laubfrosch”, issue 68
DI Harald Bala, Msc.
CEO RHV Trattnachtal

“We are completely satisfied with both the configuration of the system by Eurodos and the range of polymers offered by VTA.”