Eurofloc 2KT-R

Fully automated two-chamber tower system in round container form for powdery and/or liquid polyelectrolyte.

Eurodos polymer dissolving station Eurofloc two-chamber tower system

It’s the shape that makes the difference: The new, equally high-quality system mixes your polymer solution just as perfectly, but compared to the square 2KT is equipped with round containers. This reduces the production effort.

Low space requirement due to compact shape

Two separate chambers prevent short-circuiting

Energy-saving, since only one agitator is required

Flow diagram

Flow diagram Eurofloc 2KT-R

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Details, designs & special solutions

Two separate chambers made of PP (preparation or maturation chamber, dosing chamber) with high-grade steel electric agitator and level contacts
Dry material feeder made of high-grade steel with metering screw
Water fitting: PVC pipework, water line with shut-off valve, pressure reducer, solenoid valve and contact water meter based on manufacturer's standard
Nozzle mixer with in-line water connection and additional connection for liquid polymer dosing
Switch cabinet with PLC and operator display for settings and operation
Solution concentration can be independently configured from 0.05 to 0.5% (optionally up to 1%) at a maximum viscosity of 2,500 cP
Maturation period dependent on throughput capacity
Process water: technical grade, min 3 bar

Plant dimensioning

You can easily calculate which system size is right for your application. Use our service tool for plant dimensioning.

Questionnaire for the design of a polymer processing plant

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kg TS/h
g WS/kg TS
(e.g. 4-5 g AS / kg DS for sludge thickening or 10-18 g AS / kg DS for sludge dewatering)

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