The perfect solution

The fully automated polymer dissolving station helps to save costs.

Treatment plant

The high level of efficiency pays off. The fully automated polymer dissolving station helps to save costs.

Almost 20 years ago, the treatment plant in the Bavarian town of Gundelfingen on the river Danube was one of VTA’s first customers in Germany. So for plant manager Johann Kerler, there was no question of who he should turn to when he needed to replace an ageing polymer system. “Our experience with VTA has always been good,” says the experienced practitioner. At his treatment plant, a new Eurodos two-chamber tower system is now up and running.

Less consumption & costs

The system delivers the selected polyelectrolyte solution in a fully automated manner in the optimum maturation period. The high level of efficiency pays off: “We are now consuming less, so that clearly paid off,” says Johann Kerler. At present, a liquid concentrate is used as the polymer, but it can easily be converted to dry granulate if required.

A further strength of Eurodos also played an important role in Gundelfingen: the system was manufactured to ensure that it fits into the designated space without major modifications. The system was delivered complete with its control system, assembled by the Gundelfingen plant itself and commissioned without any problems: “We switched it on, and it worked,” says Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Tobias Bühler, head of the civil engineering office of the Gundelfingen administrative association. The system has been up and running since the beginning of September. “Faultless,” he says with emphasis.

VTA service “exceptional”

Plant manager Kerler also particularly appreciates the fact that VTA managed to find a polymer that can be used for both thickening and dewatering. “One product for both applications, that makes logistics and storage much easier,” says Kerler.

Field report from the VTA Group’s scientific journal “Laubfrosch”, issue 55
Johann Kerler
Gundelfingen treatment plant manager

“At VTA, I always find a sympathetic ear for questions. There’s always someone available, everything gets done as quickly as possible. The quality of service is exceptional!