Tailor-made polymer dissolving station

Bad Tölz

At the treatment plant in the Upper Bavarian spa town of Bad Tölz, the sludge dewatering system was replaced.

Inspector Benno Berghammer from the German television series “Der Bulle von Tölz” and dosing technology specialist Eurodos have one thing in common: they won’t stop puzzling over it until the case is solved. The VTA subsidiary has now proven this again in Bad Tölz.

At the treatment plant in the Upper Bavarian spa town, the sludge dewatering system was replaced. The treatment of the polymer for the new screw press was to be handled by a fully automated solvent and dosing station. The expertise of Eurodos was on full display here, not only in supplying standard systems, but also in implementing special customer requirements quickly and precisely.

Bad Tölz was looking for a two-chamber pendulum system with a volume of 2 x 2000 litres, to be operated with both liquid and dry polymer. Since the dry polymer is stored in the big bag one floor below, Eurodos integrated a pneumatic conveyor with a separate blower station into the dosing device. The dosing system was also supplemented with an electrically controlled post-dilution station for the treated polymer solution.

Product consumption optimised

However, in addition to the “hardware” in the form of the dosing station, Eurodos parent company VTA also furnished an overall approach to the use of polymer and provides the appropriate polymers and system products. This approach achieves the best dewatering results with the lowest possible product consumption, as has been demonstrated since the system started operation in autumn 2013. Ludwig Burghardt, the plant manager at the 49,000 PE plant, has been working with VTA for a long time – VTA precipitants and other system products have been in use in Bad Tölz for many years.

Field report from the VTA Group’s scientific journal “Laubfrosch”, issue 64
Ludwig Burghardt
Wastewater manager

“We are very satisfied: products, service and support are just perfect.”