Well-dosed in Hungary

Magyar Suzuki also relies on the expertise of VTA and Eurodos.

Automotive industry production line

Magyar Suzuki also relies on the expertise of VTA and Eurodos.

With Hungary, another Eastern European market of the future is increasingly becoming a focus of VTA. Among other things, the dosing systems supplied by VTA subsidiary Eurodos are attracting a great deal of interest from its Hungarian neighbours. “We have already succeeded in placing several systems on the Hungarian market,” reports Heinrich Macht. Since 2011, the former managing director of Huber SE in Austria has been representing VTA in Hungary – with the support of Janos Bohm.

Working together with Huber Technology, Eurodos has completed a particularly interesting project: At car manufacturer Magyar Suzuki Kft. in the town of Esztergom, a 3K-1000 dosing system was installed and is now used together with a Huber screw press for sludge dewatering.

Sludge, which is produced in the automotive sector, is by its very nature not easy to handle. Hence, Magyar Suzuki is using system products and polymers from VTA to optimally condition sludge for dewatering.

Gratifying results at Suzuki

The employees of the car manufacturer responsible for the system are very satisfied with the Eurodos dosing system: it is extremely easy to maintain and produces pleasingly good results; compared to all products that were previously used, polymer consumption has reduced significantly.

Eurodos systems are also already in use at other companies too, including the Nestlé production plant in the western Hungarian town of Buk. In addition to sales, VTA is therefore also building up a comprehensive service structure to be prepared for the special requirements of the Hungarian market.

Field report from the VTA Group’s scientific journal “Laubfrosch”, issue 61